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Terri Woods, CLD ~ CAPPA Labor Doula & Trainer ~ Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

Experienced & Encouraging Support
for Families, Doulas, and Birth Professionals

Professional Doula Care and Training Workshops based in San Luis Obispo County, California

Parents-to-be will feel lovingly blessed…

I help you navigate through the Birth Year, with reassuring Doula Support you design, personalized Childbirth Education, and with additional custom services as needed. Certified and current, I am trusted by parents and medical caregivers because I am accountable to the Scope of Doula Practice Standards.

Dreaming of becoming a doula yourself?

Join me on California’s Central Coast for insightful and comprehensive CAPPA-approved Birth Doula Trainings, including continued mentoring and community networking opportunities. Or I will travel to you – just ask about my doula training hosting proposal!

Whatever you need…

Take advantage of my years of international experience in supporting women and their families with reassuring doula care and personalized childbirth classes. I have gathered extensive resources and referrals to share with you!

“Terri brings a valuable wealth of knowledge and compassion to her work as a doula and an educator, and is a gift to the women of this community.” – Licensed California Midwife

“It is important to support a woman’s choices during pregnancy, birth, and infancy with doula care that is understanding, accepting and respectful; to provide practical help and intuitive wisdom given from a patient, caring heart; to see individual circumstances unfold with an open educated mind; and to surround it all with a calm, strong spirit.”
-Terri Woods, CLD, CD (DONA)Certified Birth Doula and Private Childbirth Educator
CAPPA Faculty Doula Trainer (Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Association)

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