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I am blessed and grateful to serve as a your own Doula & Educator!

I love giving my best for you and for your family.

I love training doulas & birth professionals to give their own best too.


Would you like kind & encouraging doula support?

As an experienced doula. I encourage women and their families in the birth year by understanding their individual needs and then providing just what they want with physical and emotional support. I am there for pregnancy, labor and birth, and to help with the new baby. In my experience, we give birth and welcome our babies best in an environment that is a safe warm comforting cocoon, surrounded by trust and love; and attended by kind and skilled caregivers.

Do you want nonjudgmental emotional and physical support to rely upon when you need it?

My work is about guiding women in determining their own choices and helping them navigate through the different routes a birth journey can take, alongside her loved ones and her medical caregivers, but ultimately I am there just for her.

I train and mentor other doulas who also desire to be of excellent service; those who seek the accountability of certification and inclusion in a caring and educated doula network.

Could you use a mentor with a deep knowledge of available resources and evidence-based birth-related research?

Want to be an excellent doula yourself?

Need birth professional continuing education credits?

Maia3 Piper 1dayAs a parent childbirth educator: I trust and reinforce a woman’s own instincts about birth, and help her trust them too. I teach private and small group clients not only about comfort aids and the way birth works, but also provide up-to-date pregnancy and birth evidence studies  to help the parents talk with their medical care providers.  Sometimes there is extra help desired or needed, and I will help connect you to compatible and competent care providers and/or alternative options. Also available are Savvy Birth Workshops and Private Coaching on how to get evidence based maternity care. If you don’t see one list, just contact me!

As a certified CAPPA Labor Doula: I give personalized attention and positive education for the entire birthing year, and it makes a big difference.

As a Faculty CAPPA Labor Doula Trainer:  CAPPA trainings are designed to educate and equip the contemporary perinatal professional for a successful career in a fun, supportive, and collaborative environment. I also offer doula mentoring privately or through the SLO Doula Connection.

As an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, I am committed to providing excellent continuing education credit seminars and workshops for birth professionals:  nurses, nurse-midwives, licensed homebirth midwives, physicians, doulas, childbirth educators, chiropractors and other birth workers seeking to increase their current knowledge of best practices and how to provide  family-centered care. Evidence Based Maternity Care is defined as:

1.) Having full, accurate information to help the client make decisions;  2.) Care from a trained provider who pays attention to evidence (including clinical evidence), and 3.) Care is tailored to the client’s preferences and values.

Bio for Terri Woods, CLD

Terri Woods is a certified labor and birth doula, childbirth & lactation educator and postpartum doula. She was selected as a 2017 Evidence Based Birth® Instructor  to help families and birth professionals learn about how to get quality maternity care..  Experienced and encouraging, Terri brings a wealth of adult teaching history and international birth experience to her Evidence Based Birth® Seminars and to her CAPPA-approved Labor Doula Training Workshops–and a sense of humor and inclusion! She has been acting as a doula since 2004 when she made her first trip to the Philippines and assisted in birth centers with her sister and daughter, both Certified Professional Midwives. The journey and the training  inspired her to create Blessed ChildBirth & Doula Services, and to finish duel certifications as a birth and labor doula with CAPPA and DONA.  After supporting hundreds of families, she is proud to be continuing her passion for evidence-based and kind care of women, infants and dads/partners through her acceptance in 2012 as a CAPPA Faculty Labor Doula Trainer and in 2016 as an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. Terri has provided knowledgeable and emotionally nurturing doula services and doula trainings in the western United States, the Philippines, and New Zealand. Terri was a guest speaker at the New Zealand National Homebirth Conference in 2009 and was a speaker at the 2015 & 2016 CAPPA International Conferences. On Mother’s Day 2013, Terri created the SLO Doula Connection on the Central Coast of California to serve clients at all income levels through referring and mentoring newer doulas, while continuing her heart work with her own clients and as a contributor to the birth community. A believer in building bridges, Terri has continued vision for the meaning of “doula” – women serving women, worldwide– in order reduce disparity in maternal and infant care and to improve birth outcomes for women, newborns, and their families.

Terri Woods, CLD
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